Our Formation

In the footsteps of Comboni…

Saint Daniel Comboni is the model of our spirituality and missionary service ‘(Educative Charter 5.1) “Mission, for us, means a consecrated life that bears witness to and makes known Jesus Christ and his message”.CA2009, 57

Mission depends on our Formation. We are committed to the journey of our formation where we are called to be opened to the action of the Spirit in our lives. We are the first responsible of our own formation with the assistance of the formators and the whole community. The formal activities of formation for this year are: formative talks (catechesis), personal encounters, studies, informative conferences, workshops and mission exposures.

Our catechesis is done in both year groups and growth groups according to the orientations of our educative charter (Cf. number 5.3). Each year group focuses on the suggested themes for catechesis as presented in the Appendix IV of our charter.

Our formative encounters and spiritual direction help us grow in sincerity with ourselves and draw us closer to one another in our living together. We, therefore, commit ourselves to a faithful monthly encounter with our respective formators and spiritual directors.


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