Our Prayer

Our relationship with God – Spiritual Life

On the way to God there is a lot of interior work to be done. This work is not just for one’s own sake. The achievement of some measure of spiritual integrity is a vital part of the work of reconciliation in our relationships and, more broadly still for peace in our society. It is not only about the promotion of contemplation; it is also about promoting charity”. David Foster, “Deep Calls to Deep”, pg. 113

We are aware of the primacy of Prayer in our missionary life. It is in prayer that we are challenged by the Word to make changes in ourselves and to go beyond our personal interests to reach the other.

To uplift our liturgical celebrations, we follow the program below:

MONDAY Eucharist (Short reflection) Vespers/ Singing practice
TUESDAY Lauds by Years Eucharist at Cedara
WEDNESDAY Eucharist (Family intention) Adoration
THURSDAY Eucharist (Short Reflection) Lectio Divina
FRIDAY Eucharist (Short reflection by the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year scholastics) Vespers in Growth Groups
SATURDAY Eucharist and Sharing Rosary/Marian liturgy
SUNDAY   Vespers



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