youths-for-webs28th December 2016, marked an imperative step for the youths of Kanyanga as they reflected on how to focus on a better future. It was a seminar, enlightening them to lead a dignified life. It was a day to awaken them from the resilient consequences of early marriage which always circulates around the saying ‘we want to see grandchildren.’ Not denying this reality, the youths were left to reflect on reasons for early marriage. In a spirit of participation many reasons come up. The vivid ones were; Poverty, Ignorance, Illiteracy, Peer pressure and group influence due to one’s intimate relationship with the opposite sex.y-wed

The second part of the seminar helped the youths know signs of transition to adulthood. This part was highly appreciated, with curiosity the youths yearned and longed to know them. They asked questions that confirmed their ignorance and promised to practice abstinence, be goal oriented, be career oriented and in addition be sagacious in life. They were reminded that an “ Proverbs 16:29 Wickedness loves company—and leads others into sin, or “An evil man deceives his neighbor and leads him into loss.”   It was an edifying experience aiming at embracing changes for a better future.

webs-17 A question and pragmatic example became relevant on the ground. Can there be a person destined to live poorly? The facilitator went an extra mile to give the practical example saying, my wife is from the poor family, in fact, one of you here in Kanyanga, from a poor background but she is driving. It was simply because he decided to live differently and now she is somebody valued and cherished. Moreover, the presence of the female facilitator who frankly spoke about the impacts of the early marriage was challenging to all to shun from early marriage.for-webs

The third, part tackled the way forward, to the problems, their patron; Mr. Moses drew distinctions between a boy and a girl, a man and woman, and the age limit for marriage to help the youths find their place in the society. Marriage as legal relationship between a man and a woman was given intensive meaning to help them understand who they are. They were encouraged to give priorities to studies and know how to identify their future careers while in school; to participate in co-curricular activities and be practical at home and finally, have mentors in life. It was interesting to see youths open up to share. At the same time it was a moment to know how ignorance, illiteracy and peer pressure becomes obstacles for the bright future.y-wed

To make a difference in life does not need just to sit and look at things happen/being done, it is to take part, is to plan well, to resist all that draws our energy to useless activities, to accommodate people who challenge us to grow and the activities that empower us, to accept to change from our prejudiced minds, enslaving traditions and avoiding the status quo of life, with vision setting goals to be realized. In addition, discerning together we abrogate the authoritative power of community leaders and family members that enslave us,  we become open to many choices in life, consequently, avoid making decisions from unrealistic grounds, based on everyday experience.

By sch. Obwaya  Justus Oseko 

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