Children are a source of joy and happiness wherever they are; keenly observing them, playing and joking, one webs-girklrealizes how easily they mingle with each other.They are the source of happiness although at times can be troublesome. Their innocence, ignorance and curiosity can be edified through constant love and motherly care. The parishes of Lundazi deanery organized a beautiful occasion, from 6th-8th January 2017 to foster joy among children under the theme “let us help children share their joy with other children.” It was not only a moment to share their joy but to evangelize to the whole deanery and the diocese, as these activities were broadcasted through radio Maria zambia.

The programme was orgwatoi-for-websanized in a way that all were at home with each activity. The activities ranged from choir competition, poem recitation, Bible reading, Bible drilling, Bible quiz, Bible boxing, Drinking competition, career sharing, sweat pulling, pan picking, bottle filling, sack race and modeling just to name but a few; the aim of this  occasion was sharing of the different gifts that the children have; consequently, bringing joy and happiness among them. Secondly, the activities meant that children have their role in the liturgical celebration; they are not just there to observe but to participate. The apex of this event was the Eucharistic nourishment of the epiphany which these children animated. It was relevant for them, as source of joy, just as Christ born to bring joy among people.

for-web-asisIn addition, Sr. Victoria gave a spiritual talk on the same topic challenging all the people in-charge of children to combat child trafficking an aspect which forms part of dissociation of children from the parents. She encouraged parents to take care of their children and be vigilant of child traffickers. Child abuse being common in the societies,  the deanery organised and openly shared about it, to enlighten the children of the dangers of being abused, the false and empty promises that the abusers chisa-for-webuse to lure them. In addition,Mrs. Musebo, the Matron Kanyanga parish, clearly pointed out that, parents contribute to child abuse through the types of clothes they buy for their daughters. She further said, ‘some children work around their parents almost half naked without any respect.’ Furthermore, she stressed that both parents and children must be well informed about these facts, so as to abrogate these obstacles, such that children share their joys freely.

Finally, I was so impressed by the commitment of the patrons and Matrons whose aim is to empower  children to be visionary; career oriented above all good Christians.

By Sch.  Justus Oseko 

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